CHIJ Katong convent

(2011 - Ongoing)

Enhanced Art Programme
Online Exhibition


Markers, pencil and embroidery on watercolour paper
By: Faith Lee


A Twist in Life

Acrylic paint, colour pencil and watercolour on found fast food paper bags
By: Nyah Mari


A Realistic Guide To An Anime Art Style

Artist Book, consisting of digital illustrations, coloured paper, plastic sheets, ink, paint pens, watercolour, marker, poster paint, presented with pencil and kneaded eraser
By: Joan Chan


About the Exhibition

In 2011, CHIJ Katong Convent was invited by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to be one of the 4 inaugural schools to host the Enhanced Art Programme (EAP).

This programme is an MOE-supported art programme conducted within Katong Convent for upper secondary students offering the ‘O’ Level Art subject.

Beyond the regular general art programme for upper secondary, students in the EAP are provided opportunities to participate in activities with other EAP schools in Singapore to enrich their passion and learning in visual art. Today, the EAP spans over 9 schools across Singapore.

This annual online exhibition celebrates each year of EAP in Katong Convent and underscores the importance of the school’s visual art programme and its longstanding association with the school’s niche of the Communicative, Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA) Edge. We proudly present to you art works by past batches of EAP students that showcase the artistic progress and creativity of the programme. We hope you will dive into this online experience and enjoy exploring these contemporary artworks as you journey with us to understand more about the distinct features of our visual art programme.

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