A Twist in Life

Acrylic paint, colour pencil and watercolour on found fast food paper bags
By: Nyah Mari
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Artist Statement:

My artwork explores the idea of veganism. I wanted to remind people about how animals are being killed everyday because of our actions. Therefore, I decided to use McDonald’s as one of the main motifs since it’s one of the world’s biggest fast food industries that processes meat. I chose different packaging from various McDonald's menu products to remind people about their routine food decisions. I also used blood as one of the main elements to highlight the violence of the meat industry.

In trying to re-imagine the typical image of McDonald’s, I explored depicting the mascot of Ronald McDonald as a monster, to suggest to my viewers what McDonalds could really represent - a place which demands the torture and deaths of innocent animals everyday. My favourite part of this artwork is how I managed to make some portions “pop out” as relief elements of the work, in order to dramatise them and make viewers focus on these aspects more. 

In experiencing my work, I hope my viewers ask themselves, “Would I still eat meat after this?” 

By: Nyah Mari

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