A Realistic Guide To An Anime Art Style

Artist Book, consisting of digital illustrations, coloured paper, plastic sheets, ink, paint pens, watercolour, marker, poster paint, presented with pencil and kneaded eraser
By: Joan Chan

Artist Statement:

My work depicts my conflicting feelings regarding my current art style, which is most commonly recognised as the 'anime' or 'manga' art style. As I look at my art style critically, I often feel embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety due to the negative perception that often surrounds anime art styles - that it is something to be disregarded and disliked. I realised that, despite my feelings and opinions about my art style, I continued to subconsciously pursue it because, truthfully, in my heart, I love, and am inspired by, anime. 

I choose to depict how society views the anime art style as moths (pests) in contrast to how it views mainstream art as butterflies (beauty). I wondered how these views negatively affect young artists, causing them to doubt and question if the kind of art they love to create will lead to their downfall as an artist. The guidebook and starter skit is meant to convey these thoughts and feelings to newer artists who wish to learn this art style. 

In contrast to the cynicism of its disheartening message on the surface, I hope it connects with artists who also relate to the same struggles as I did during their art journey.

By: Joan Chan

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