The Devil is in the Detail

Oil pastel on paper
By: Vivien Low

Detail shot:


Artist Statement:

To me, love is something colourful, loud and vibrant, but at times also messy. There is always more than what meets the eye - layers of fear and insecurity, covered by layers of intense, overwhelming love. The hands coming out of the mouth in the work is a reference to the feeling when one cannot get words out of one’s mouth, where there is a lump in one’s throat, and actions serve to express what words fail to. In referencing the glitching of the depiction, I explore the parts of a relationship that is not as smooth-sailing, where arguments happen, things break up, and relationships tear. It is almost always easier to hug it out than to spit out an apology. The hardest pill to swallow is that love takes so much more than saying “I love you”. It is emerging from the roughest patches, and still loving the other. Love grows, and hands reach from behind our backs to intertwine.

By: Vivien Low

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