Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá

(neither from here, nor from there)
Photography transfers, embroidery, and chlorophyll prints on fabric and transparency sheets
By: Alexia Arriola

Artist Statement:

This artwork is an exploration of my cultural and geographical identity. It shows my cultural roots as I was born in Guatemala, but moved to Singapore at a young age. Along the way, I have never felt like I belong to a specific place - instead, I was in the middle of both countries.

At the left of my artwork, you would see pictures of my relatives and family in Guatemala printed on fabric. The pictures are faded, as I felt my connection with them drift apart, as I rarely see them. As it transitions in the middle, you would see a fusion of both cultures. On the right, you would see pictures printed on leaves representing the Singaporean side, showing how I bring my culture from Guatemala with me to Singapore. If you look closely, the photos are a reference to the Day of the Dead celebration and dancing, which are very important parts of my culture. Therefore, this work is a reflection of who I am - I am not Singaporean nor Guatemalan, I am just in the middle.

By: Alexia Arriola

Detail shots:


Detail 1


Detail 2

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