A Glass Butterfly Stands at the Edge of Dawn

Digital Art on Procreate and 3D model on Blender
By: Hailley Thien

Artist Statement:

What would you do when chasing your dreams seems impossible? When it could lead to an even bigger failure - would you still risk it all?

My work portrays the emotions one might feel before taking a leap of faith to reach for the unattainable. Trapped by a bleak stagnation on the shelf, the glass butterfly seeks an escape from its circumstances. It yearns to soar through the heavens and attain its freedom. Though a dark abyss awaits its potential failure, the glass butterfly would prefer to face its demise than continue eternal confinement. In its final moments before its departure, the sun rises on the cusp of a new day, its rays illuminating the fragile glass body of the butterfly with hope. Teetering on the edge of bravery and foolishness, it prepares to take a leap.

Would you try to fly too?

By: Hailley Thien

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