Mirror, mirror on the wall

Stop-motion animation
By: Yi Shan Lim

Artist Statement:

In questioning the beauty standards of modern society, I came to fear the unhealthy effects technology potentially had on us, and wanted to make a narrative work that explored these consequences.

The specific use of stop-motion animation was chosen for its relatively jarring, more jittery effect, as I wanted the medium to suggest how people are trapped within societal beauty standards that are overly idealised and unrealistic. Through a seemingly endless loop that intensifies as it goes on, the doll presents a reflection of how social media and the internet affect people and our perceptions today. My favourite thing about this work was actually the background filled with advertisements, as even though it’s only hinted at in the margins of the video, it suggests the commercialised context of modern society that frames this pressing problem. 

By: Yi Shan Lim

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