inadequately, elysian

Digital video
By: Sarah Yeo

Artist Statement:

A newly reborn, resentful subconscious persuades an exhausted mind to overwork the body. Initially promising a vague idea of being divine, she gradually regrets her decision and perishes, leaving her sole flaw in her wake.

I enjoy dissecting notions of duality and juxtaposition, and the belief that one concept would always exist at another's expense. I sought to investigate its accuracy within myself – could I only become flawless at the price of the humanity I yearn to recapture? Teetering on an undefined edge, the work provides an intimate look into my faltering memories. Experienced differently by the blindfolded unconscious and the masked conscious, they appear as partially torched video stills, removed solely to be reattached all over again. Concrete dichotomies between inhumane and subhuman, physicality and perception, and destruction and creation, implode with each minute, forever bound to an unchanging loop of invariant events. Viewers can pause & scrub through it at will, entering and exiting the cycle in its entirety. Incessantly futile, inadequately elysian.

Fire survives upon the demise of what it burns, edges are made and stitched back together. How would these questions of opposition and reattachment surface in one's own life?

By: Sarah Yeo

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