7.753 Billion

Artist book comprising mixed media on paper
By: Natelie Clare Tan Ee-ning

Artist Statement:

What kinds of relationships exist between strangers? I have always been fascinated with the idea that strangers are intertwined one way or another, even if they do not know each other personally. I decided to use drawings of human anatomy to delve deeper into the fundamental aspects of humans, as I feel that everyone, including strangers, are technically all the same on the inside, under the facade of our external likeness and identities. It is just what is on the outside that is different. The format of the work takes on a book - a collection of strangers’ stories put together in a documentation of my personal encounters with them. The mixed media nature of the work highlights the different circumstances in which such encounters occur, at different times of the day, locations and stages of one’s life, which allows a multifaceted reading of this journey for the viewer.

By: Natelie Clare Tan

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